Picture the Present

gumball_fighting_stance_by_bornreprehensible-d6wcyjqWe have a job, and our job is to change the world so all people can live the life that they want it to be. In our research we have seen that many people are judged by how they act and who others are. everything that they do is in order to make a fool of the victim and show that they need to destroy all obstacles. When all obstacles are gone they want to reach for the top and show what they are capable of doing. All of this is to make sure that any walls are taken down and the world is theirs for the taking. Whenever they succeed there is one step that makes them to their goal. They do not care how long it takes them to reach that goal but they will do anything in any way that will help them take the path that makes it to the goal. Our group has no information on what their goals are but what we do know is that they have one thing in common, and that is to take the path that will make them kings or queens. For the people to take this path will take anything and destroy everything that makes them look like people that are in need of help. Although it looks like they need help they will use any resource available to them so any wall that gets in their way will be taken down before any type of harm can come to them.

Nyan W.

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