Please, Consider the Following


We are M.A.D (Make A Difference) and we are here to spread information about the affects of bullying on people’s lives and how and what one can do to prevent such things from happening. Bullying has caused many tragedies throughout the course of many years such as deaths or severe injuries. According to these statistics at

  • Over half, about 56 percent, of all students have witnessed a bullying take place within the vicinity of the school.
  • A reported 15 percent of all students who don’t show up for school say that it is because they are afraid of being bullied at school.
  • There are about 71 percent of students that report bullying as an on-going problem.
  • Relating to the last problem, about one out of every 10 students drops out or changes schools because of repeated bullying.
  • One out of every 20 students has seen a student with a gun at school.
  • Some of the top years for bullying include 4th through 8th graders in which 90 percent were reported as victims of some kind of bullying.
  • Other recent bullying statistics reveal that 54 percent of students reported that witnessing physical abuse at home can lead to violence in school.
  • There are about 282,000 students that are reportedly attacked in high schools throughout the nation each month.

Reading and taking in the information that we are putting on these blog posts will most certainly help out the people who face bullying on a daily basis and will truly help our cause.

Live Long and Prosper- Tony R.

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One Response to Please, Consider the Following

  1. aaronfrisby says:

    Bullying is a real problem in our schools and in our workplaces. It is nice to see that there are programs like this that are advocating change in our society. This website looks visually attractive and your mission statement is provocative. It makes me want to get up and support your cause to end bullying in our society. This website is a great way to raise awareness on the adverse affects of bullying. It is alarming that these statistics represent our problem with bullying in America. It is also scary that bullying can start from witnessing violence at home and that in the future people can be influenced to perpetuate violence because they were subjected to bullying. These statistics are provocative and should help raise awareness for this national problem.

    Lawrence D.


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