Leading the Change

Our mission is to create havoc on the people who know nothing on the world that we know today. From a statistic found over 20% of people do not know what our world’s nature is like. The strong must how that the weak are weak and rule over all other people. When a bully starts they start out small then they become the top of the food chain to gather all the lower peasants to show true power. We help those in need and make them into people who would become a person that would change the world. The world if full of people who know nothing and we must show them that this is our world and we can do anything we want to it. When the world follows us we will show that anyone and everyone can be a person who can do what is needed for our future. In our future we must raise more capital to pursue our goals to create a generation of people who will create the next generation and so that the next generation will also create their generation. People must know that they are not alone in the world that we live in but instead they must be released from the terror that is brought upon them without notice at hand. No matter how mush we help we will keep helping even when there is nothing left to help from having our team find another future that will abolish all evil in our land in order to create this one peaceful utopia that everyone will accept. Helping others is the best way to reach the goal that we are looking for.

Like what Dr. martin Luther king said “we cannot walk alone”


Nyan W.

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2 Responses to Leading the Change

  1. I loved the intro! You really grabbed my attention, the statistic in the beiginning of the blog was a great way to begin. I loved the example you gave for how a bully starts and finishes. You need to proof read the post, there are a few grammar errors. Very inspirational, but kind of repetitive. I loved the quote you brought into the blog form Martin Luther King jr., I thought the way you brought the food chain in was very clever. Maybe put in a few more statistics? how many people suffer from bullying? how many people commit suicide because they were bullied? All together great job!


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