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Making The Difference

These past blogs posts have all led up to this final blog post. This is a really important topic that requires lots of attention. There are many things that the general public can do to stop bullying all together. If … Continue reading

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Take Action!

The Make a Difference organization is taking action by bringing the importance of bullying to school districts in the county, our goal is to end bullying primarily in schools with the hopes of putting a stop to bullying. We are … Continue reading

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Call for action

I believe that there should be laws for bullying in every state and that they should enforce it a lot harder than they already do it will not continue to happen and eventually come to a stop. Most people would … Continue reading

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A word of a Thousand letters

┬áThe idea to reach our goal is to have the school districts abolish the entire bully system. We must muster the power of the one ring and use its power to control all of middle earth. Any person who tries … Continue reading

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The Investments That Matter

Schools are huge breeding grounds for bullying in young children. Not many of the adults and other peers are any good at preventing bullying as well, but if there were something that schools could do to help reduce bullying and … Continue reading

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Everyone deserves rights

Mostly people with in the age groups of 12 through 18 are being bullied. Mainly anyone who is “different” in the bullies eyes, such as mentally challenged people. There is no real legal impact on “bullying” but when bullying goes … Continue reading

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Cause and Effect

It’s no secret that the people impacted by bullying are the majority of teens. Bullying is most common among teens in school, more than any other place. Why bullies bully others? Well it can range from many different reasons such … Continue reading

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