Those affected by the world of people

1378505575506The number of people affected outweighs the fact that people will never stop the tyrants that look over us all. Bullies are what they are called right, but do people ever stop them from terrorizing the citizens that we know today. When the bullies act their secrets are revealed to the public making them vulnerable. But at the same time no person acts to do anything, not even the government that is there to protect the lives of the many. These people that are being degraded call for aid in their time of need but not one person is there to come or even help. So in the end those people resort to death or cruel and unusual minds. The minds of those innocent people are becoming filled with anger and hatred for the life that has brought them into this world. In this, people are converting from the good people of the world to the psychotic people of today. Our future should not be filled with destruction and death, but instead it should be filled with kindness and tranquility so all of mankind can work together for the greater good. When a person is thinking of destruction they affect all who is around them, many people start to join them to create another world that deeply degrades our world. Villains are being created from a single person who have degraded the life of another from having people around the surface of the earth not help that one person. Bullies are creating the destruction that our world needs and we as a whole do not need the destruction that brought upon us.

Nyan W.

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