The Signs

Bullying has affected many young people throughout the country in very negative ways. Many young people who experience bullying tend to have more anxiety, depression, emotional issues, and suicidal thoughts. People should never have to go through these issues because of how horrible they are. These issues can lead to many bullied people to commit suicide and to go trough very bad phases of depression. Not only are the families also affected by this, but so are the ones who bully.

There are many signs as that can show the effects of bullying. many have found that students who are bullied are more likely to:

  • feel disconnected from school and not like school
  • have lower academic outcomes, including lower attendance and completion rates
  • lack quality friendships at school
  • display high levels of emotion that indicate vulnerability and low levels of resilience
  • be less well accepted by peers, avoid conflict and be socially withdrawn
  • have low self-esteem

To stop these horrible incidents from happening, there are many things that others can do to help out the ones in need. According to this website, regularly scheduled discussions with students are an important part of a whole-school bullying intervention. They work together with consistent staff actions against bullying to change school culture. Some types of student discussion will have little positive effect or may even increase rates of bullying, and some will be more effective.

There are also some things to note about some of the people who bully. Such things, that this website explains, are that not all students who bully others have obvious behavior problems or are engaged in rule-breaking activities. Some students are really good at ingratiating themselves with their teacher and other adults. This is true of some boys who bully but is even more common among girls who bully. For this reason it is often difficult for adults to discover or even imagine that these students engage in bullying behavior. People must understand that it is possible for anyone to bully anyone, and that not everyone is a pure kindhearted soul. It may be difficult to notice, but never take anything out of consideration.

Take some time out of your day to help one in need. Thanks B)

Tony R.

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3 Responses to The Signs

  1. aaronfrisby says:

    Oh wow man just wow that is a deep article right there. You spoke purely the truth and i agree with everything that you said in your post. You even taught me a few things about bullying that i didn’t even know. I also think that everyone should come together against bullying because every child should have the right to friends and having fun with other kids and bullying prevents this. I’m not just saying this out of pure enthusiasm, i actually agree with your wise words and i feel like this Article is the voice of reason. i hope you post more and i will follow your cause. Cade V.


  2. Wow very true… People who experience bullying tend to carry on a traumatizing event in their life. Also many start to act differently, and tend to constantly isolate themselves. All these facts you have provided on your website are very true! I understand more clearly now on how one can get affected so easily from an act of bullying, and how it affects one deeply. I have seen others get bullied and tried to make an end to it, and it is sad to see how bullies act. Not only that but to see the victims from it and how they tend to be very intimidated. I hope many are impacted from your post and realize the effects of bullying one can cause to many. I look forward to reading more interesting blog posts from your website!
    – Melanie R.


  3. I completely agree that bullying has affected many people! it is crazy to know we socialize with people being affected by bullying, and we have no clue whatsoever. It is true that people who have been opened up to bullying suffer emotionally and physically. Many do tend to act different, meaning isoate themselves and close up to others.It is great to see you guys are raising awareness of the sufferings these victims go through, not only once but on a daily basis. Hope to see more blog posts from you! Keep doing the good and raising awareness of this delicate topic many are choosing to avoid than to put an end to it. -Morelia Tovar


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