How being against us helps the enemy

1When a bully victimizes a their victim they receive benefits that help them in the future. They receive the benefit by taking the life of another and using it as their own in any way that suits their needs. This allows the bullies to live longer lives than those that would help the people that really need help. The longer the bully lives the worst our next generation will be. Our government is not an answer as so to see laws not affect why the bully can act. The government cannot do anything about it from the fact that they are being overwhelmed by people who want to stop bullying in order to get laws that would otherwise stop bullying. The bully is becoming a great wall that blocks the people who want to move forward to create a better future. The bully is blocking people from making any king of future choices by making the victim no longer make any choice of their own. Bullies force their victims into desperation by creating people who would takes the lives of others. These victims are becoming murderers where they are to be known as killers instead of victims of bullying. From a recent study both the bully and victim are most likely to become criminals to have their minds cleared of aggression. This act allows criminals to infect the minds of our children and makes them into the monsters that we do not want. It is sad to the enemy grow stronger as we get weaker, but in order to stop the madness we must work together to stop the bullying, to stop the criminals, and to save our future that we all will see together.


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