There is a range of negative outcomes from bullying. Research that was made by child psychologist Dr. Goossens says that the consequences of bullying will affect the victim later in life, he states “A recent meta-analysis showed that school bullying is a strong and specific risk factor for later criminal offending “, this shows that bullying can have disastrous outcomes. There are potential monetary and non-monetary benefits involving bullying. The monetary may be that by raising awareness, more organizations may form to help prevent bullying, the non-monetary benefit will be the people receiving the help they need, in order for them to live a better life. Statistics say that ” Despite numerous monetary and non-monetary costs resulting from bullying, this activity continues to thrive. Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in the study of bullying in academic environments”, this states that bullying has increased within a few years due to bullying being carried on. Bullying is also common in the work force, the form of bullying in the work force is more commonly known as discrimination, or sexual harassment. These are all inequalities that are all known when it concerns bullying. Bullying can take on many different forms, in a statistic one researcher says “Bullying can be referred to as persistent uncivil conduct by one or several individuals, can be defined in a variety of ways; and reach from the more obvious displays, such as repeated acts of hostility and sarcasm, or exclusionary behavior, to subtle acts including targeting individuals based on their popularity and/or success”, in some of these cases bullying never stops, its a never ending cycle of prejudice and hypocrisy.

Alejandra V.

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