Pros and Cons

bully2Bullying does not really cost money but the funds that are put into programs that raise awareness do cost a lot. Anti-bullying programs in New Jersey alone cost school districts more than 2 million dollars in the year of 2011. In 2012 Obama spent over 132 million dollars in funding for anti bullying efforts in schools. I feel like these costs are worth it because it makes people realize how bad and how much bullying can affect people and how can change them for the worse. The non monetary costs are just as bad. It does not cost anything for a child to gain a disorder from being bullied and that is just horrible. The bullies do not fully realize what the long term affect bullying can have on a person such as the victim gaining a mental defect. There are no real benefits to bullying but when a victim gets bullied they know how much it hurts and they will most likely not do it to another person because they do not want them to feel the same pain that they felt while that happened to them. That is how bullying speakers came about, because they went through that and they decided to turn it into a good thing that can help others by them telling people their stories and if the person who is listening can relate to the speaker they might know what to do if they are confused or feel alone. That might be the only good thing that can come out of bullying.  -Mario P.

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  1. Wow that’s honestly insane. I actually cant believe how crazy it is that this problem is still relevant in 2015, even more crazy to think about when considering all of the extensive effort put into it. That’s also very sad for the victims considering how when you boil it down and dissect it its more of a humane problem over a monetary one. That goes to show you not all things can be “fixed” by government spending although i’m sure each president has respectively tried to tackle the threat in their own ways. Anyway i hope that by the time my kids grow up it would be solved 🙂 time to get pro active!!


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