Why this happens

bullyingMost of bullying happens with younger people. And it really only happens because the people that do it think that it makes them cool or that by doing it they will become popular. there are also many other reason why bullies bully the victims it might not make sense to you but maybe in there head it makes sense. Not saying its the right thing to do but sometimes it is not always the bullies fault. Such as the fact that sometimes people bully because they feel insecure and or lack confidence. This mostly came from how they have been treated at home or maybe even from them being bullied themselves an got traumatized enough to do it to other people. There really is no law that prevents “bullying” but there are laws that force schools to address it appropriately by having consequences to such actions. Those are the only “laws” that prevent bullying from happening. There are also organizations like our selves that try to raise awareness about bullying so people can know the harms that bullying causes to victims. Bullying can also come from another person being jealous of the other person so they feel it necessary to pick on the other person. Obviously there are many reason why people bully and we as an organization do not agree with any of them what so ever. If a person is confused they should seek help and not try to take it out on someone that does not deserve it.  -Mario P.

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  1. I can’t agree with you anymore. Kids are immature and will follow other in a quickness just to fit in or be cool but that’s not right. From their perspective they are doing anything wrong but the need to see the victims perspective and maybe they will change their ways. The only reason I can relate to this is because I was a bully once back in middle school. Now that I am an older individual I regret being a bully. Yes I do admit I did it to fit in and be cool. At the time I felt no remorse but i always feel terrible when I see the girl I used to bully at school. Young students will eventually grow out of the bullying stage but it’s always better to take action at the same time the bullying starts. There has been numerous suicides just from bullying and it’s just getting high because now a days all the kids wanna be a bully to look cool with their friends. There needs to be a big change and I think your organization will make a huge difference.


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