Everyone deserves rights

bullying3Mostly people with in the age groups of 12 through 18 are being bullied. Mainly anyone who is “different” in the bullies eyes, such as mentally challenged people. There is no real legal impact on “bullying” but when bullying goes as far as to harassment then the issue does have a legal impact. Bullying does have a big social impact on people because sometimes victims that have gone through a lot of bullying can get traumatized enough to end up getting psychological problems that can affect them for the rest of their lives. The only “laws” that bullying has comes from the states enforcing the schools to also enforce bullying and try to prevent it.  The U.S. Department of Education reviewed 11 key components that had to do with bullying laws among schools. There are 49 states in the U.S. that have anti bullying laws and they have created those laws to protect the civil rights and liberties of people. It is going pretty good so far because of all of the attention bullying has but it has been said that trying to prevent bullying is a difficult thing because people just are how they are and it carries on to the next generation and it just goes from there. So these laws have not really failed or succeeding in enforcing anti bullying because it is still going on but there are a lot of organizations trying to prevent it and reduce it as much as possible. But all in all we must keep trying to stop it and hope for the best.   Mario P.

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2 Responses to Everyone deserves rights

  1. I think that it is a good law to have for anti bullying because there is many childern that do get bullied and get horrible things said to them, which is said when no one is different. Everyone is human and everyone has feelings. No one would like to be made fun of because of their religion, or appearance. No one would. So why do it to someon else if you would not like it done to you. Bullies may think it is funny putting someone else down, but really the person you are bullying could be taking this very serious and could start to harm themselves. Everyone should help prevent this from happening and speak up because the victim may be afraid to speak up and defend themselves. So everyone should speak up and help anybody in this position, whether they are being bullied verbally or physically HELP. I agree with your reason and believe there should be a stronger law against bullying and have it succeed.

    -Aaliyah O.


  2. I really like your blog and how it is coming together keep up the good work! This is very informational blog post about bullying. This is sad to think about kids getting bullied just because the way they look or the way they act. Even if they have a act for bullying from school who protects them when they are at home and online? This sucks for kids because our generation is always involved with social media. There is cyberbullying and people can not escape that because it is on the internet forever. There is not a law for cyberbullying so kids have to face the harassment online that people bring upon them. Many people do not take bullying seriously until someone gets hurt, this is sad because people should pay attention to this stuff so kids won’t feel rejected by speaking up. Hopefully your organization can help with cyberbullying.
    -Melanie M


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