The Investments That Matter


Schools are huge breeding grounds for bullying in young children. Not many of the adults and other peers are any good at preventing bullying as well, but if there were something that schools could do to help reduce bullying and to see and prevent future bullying. Well, there actually is something that most schools can invest in to help reduce future bullying issues that could lead to horrible results. To combat the issue that is bullying, schools can fund special programs that could help lessen bullying and to spot the signs of bullying and bullied children. This website shows the possible programs that some schools can put into affect if schools decided to put forth the funds needed for such programs. The classes range from learning what to do if you are bullied to teaching the adults of the school how to prevent other bullying situations from happening at the school. This is only going to happen if schools take the initiative to help come up with the money to fund the programs. Without that, there will be no change that could ever take place in our schools systems and kids will continue to live in a society where bullying still exists.

Even if some schools decide to fund the programs, it would still cost a lot to keep these programs going. According to this website, the affects of bullying on other students also impacts schools economically. “Looking at our sample high school of 1,000, if the dropout rate is in the low part of the range—12%—we will multiply 120 by the ADA rate ($40) by 450 days. The annual loss, therefore, could total $2,160,000 due to students’ dropping out.”

The next big step is to input these programs in schools across the nation so that kids can feel a sense of security in their daily lives.

Tony R.

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