Take Action!

The Make a Difference organization is taking action by bringing the importance of bullying to school districts in the county, our goal is to end bullying primarily in schools with the hopes of putting a stop to bullying. We are hoping that the school districts will enforce bullying and we hope that faculty members will educate the importance of anti-bullying. Our organization’s hope is that school districts make a policy that removes any pupil that bullies, the policy should enforce a zero-tolerance with regards to bullying. If there is any violation to the policy the school should immediately expel the pupil, the schools need to take part in the change and help regulate the rules. There are many results of bullying that have been going on for ages, it is time for it to stop. The importance of consequences that bullying brings is not stressed enough. According to research analysis 77 percent of people are bullied everyday whether its mentally. physically, or verbally. Sadly enough students drop out of school because of bullying, it’s a lot worse when some commit suicide, research says that 7 percent attempt to commit suicide! Believe or not that’s a high percentage. The real issue is when will the bullying stop, when are people going to speak up and take action, and are parents and teachers going to educate the importance of anti-bullying. The time has finally come for bullying to come to an end. That is why the Make A Difference organization is reaching out in hopes others will take action and join us to speak out against bullying.

Alejandra V.

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