A word of a Thousand letters

Fairy_Academy's_Principal_Plue The idea to reach our goal is to have the school districts abolish the entire bully system. We must muster the power of the one ring and use its power to control all of middle earth. Any person who tries against us will perish with the might of the one ring. After the goal has been accomplished there will be a new laws to govern that amount of bullying that is happen at this very second. People need to understand that bullying is the problem that forces the children, who get to see the bully in action, to lose their civil rights.  Those people who defy the great and powerful, will be brought to justice by public execution. The public will know of the cause that we have brought to the people and take action to what people already know. The government knows for a fact that the amount of bullying must be abolished but the cause that we will bring will make them take action to the problem. We must bring more people into our cause and change the world for the better. In any case that when a person who tries to abolish the law that will be created will have to show what is wrong with the law created from the city. People must understand that freedom is for everyone who is living today and the bully is what takes the freedom from the people. By order of the Bill of Rights “All person have a rights” so this goes to show that all the bully are violators of the person rights.

Nyan W.

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