Making The Difference

These past blogs posts have all led up to this final blog post. This is a really important topic that requires lots of attention. There are many things that the general public can do to stop bullying all together. If schools can start programs that could identify and teach children how wrong bullying can truly be. Having these programs at schools can counteract bullying at the source, which are most grade schools. Hopefully the end result could be that bullying greatly lessens and that schools all over the country can implement such programs that can also teach bullies the results of their bullying and how they can reflect back on that to stop their behaviors. Another end result would be that less students drop out of school, which wastes less school resources and money, and could make most students behave much better in school settings. Besides young children and grade schools, bullying can also happen outside of the schools setting and happens to a variety of many people within the general public. Bullying is something that can ruin people physically and mentally and is something that can not be continued on any further. If laws were set into place to combat bullying, there would be a punishment for bullying, most likely a fine that one would have to pay. These would lessen the amount of bullying outside of the school grounds and in the public general areas of some other places. Hopefully by reading this blog, you will have obtained the information that one would need to make an impact on the current state of the world. Have a nice day.

Tony R.

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