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Cause and Effect

It’s no secret that the people impacted by bullying are the majority of teens. Bullying is most common among teens in school, more than any other place. Why bullies bully others? Well it can range from many different reasons such … Continue reading

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Why this happens

Most of bullying happens with younger people. And it really only happens because the people that do it think that it makes them cool or that by doing it they will become popular. there are also many other reason why … Continue reading

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The Signs

Bullying has affected many young people throughout the country in very negative ways. Many young people who experience bullying tend to have more anxiety, depression, emotional issues, and suicidal thoughts. People should never have to go through these issues because … Continue reading

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Picture the Present

We have a job, and our job is to change the world so all people can live the life that they want it to be. In our research we have seen that many people are judged by how they act … Continue reading

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