The M.A.D. organization was created to help students, parents, and others learn to reach out into the community and help those in need. To make a difference in someone’s life is the goal, with the hopes of spreading awarness arcoss the nation.




4 Responses to M.A.D.

  1. aaronfrisby says:

    Wow, I’m really impress by your blog. I see you have put in alot of work to make sure your blog was at a high quailty. I’m glad that your blog is at this is raising awareness for something is such a pressing issue. I like you addressed various issues that have been raised when people question what bullying is. I have seen people get bullied in my life and I know that I can be a real problem. The best way to sovle a bullying problem is just to ignore them but, sometimes that does not always work. If we can work together we can help people who need information about bulling to protect themselves. From the people I know that have been bullied it can take a real toll on your mental and physical health. Somepeople can be happy, loving people but, after being bullied you become a cold shell of your former self. If we stand together we can get rid of bullying forever.

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  2. I really liked how organized this blog was. Thank you for covering such a big issue in society today in a detailed way. Bullying is a big part of the way we live in America sometimes to the point where people do it naturally and don’t realize that they do it. Words don’t necessarily have to be accompanied by actions in order to have an affect on someone and i don’t think people understand that. It’s good to know what causes bullying and how we can stop it. I personally have never been bullied but people i love have and i can see how big of a toll it eventually takes on you. I can see how bullying can definitely be carried on and impact people for the rest of their lives. I feel as if some people bully to avoid getting bullied. The best way to solve a bullying issues is to ignore and not give feedback but i can understand that is very hard to do sometimes. – Miranda Fernandez


  3. Your message is amazing is really gives people hope dealing with bullying. Bullying is too common and needs to be stopped, and bully victims shouldn’t stay quiet. We need to put a stop to teenage suicides because every life is precious and needs to be lived and lived free. No one has the right to out down someone and bring negative energy to other atmosphere. For those victims of bullying I want to tell them to keep their head and life gets better. Bullying is toxic and can turn the most outspoken and confident person into the most shy and fear full person and can kill one’s self confidence and even more one’s perception of themselves. We each need to remember we are all beautiful and are all masterpieces. I’m glad we have people like you to make a difference and show people that there is hope and to never stop thinking of themselves as human beings that deserve to live.
    David G.


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